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Retro Chic Things is essentially a recycling and upcycling service.  We can give your old furniture a new fresh look. We also have a good selection of furniture, both modern and old for sale.  Equally you can seek out a second hand bargain yourself, bring it to us, and then you can select the paint colour you want from the Annie Sloan range.

By not throwing away good furniture that you may have had for a while that looks "Tired" or by buying secondhand you are not only helping the environment you could save yourself money

Our furniture recycling services

Have you got an old dark wood cabinet, table or set of drawers dating from the 1950’s?  Do you want to have a fresh, light look for your home but feel guilty about throwing away a good, solid piece of furniture?

Retro Chic Things can help.  Our skilled craftsmen will lovingly restore and transform your furniture using traditional techniques to create a piece of furniture you will love.

Call or e-mail us to discus your requirements.  We will then provide you with possible options and a free, no obligation estimate..  If sending an e-mail, please include a picture of the item.

shabby chic dresser